Alvar Cortada Kosonen

Alvar Cortada Kosonen

Philadelphia, PA, US


112 Emergency Building

In volumetric terms the architectural ensemble fits into different urban scales. On the one hand, the Sagrera axis marks a major alignment,
determining an extensive façade which relates with the city, blending in with the highest buildings in Barcelona. On the other, there is a smaller scale, contextualized by industrial structures and a future development of teaching and residential buildings among public open spaces. Faced with this situation, the building represents a stepped response, respecting the heights and volumes of the area.

The functional design strategy is clear: to vertically align working areas. This scheme aids with the development of the administrative
program, topped by two levels of greater area corresponding with the dimensions of the heliport on the roof.

This building was designed to obtain the Platinum LEED certificate.

Office: ACXT + ADD                                   Year: 2010
Role: Architect Collaborator & BIM Manager

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Barcelona, ES