Krizia Diaz

Krizia Diaz

San Juan, PR, US


Times Square Ad Crisis

In urban areas commercial content is placed in our sight and into our consciousness every moment we are in a public space. In Times Square the domination of advertising in the surroundings has become the natural state. This system that occurs at its most potency in Times Square has crashed into a process of invasive advertising that dulls the publics perception of its purpose. If advertising is not serving its mission anymore, then it has become an urban blur of light and splendor. Advertising operates at many different levels, materials, and substances; thus, some of the systems properties are invisible. All systemic operations leave traces in the fabric of the city. Thus this urban analysis arises at the oportunity to establish interdependent relationships between all properties from a systemic point of view and the third dimension. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US