Krizia Diaz

Krizia Diaz

San Juan, PR, US


Rethinking Home

An existing nursing home provides the setting for an exploration of new nursing techniques and strategies that have the resident's well being and home-like atmosphere in mind. The main concept of the intervention is that it seeks to generate a more fluid and decentralized circulation throughout the entire complex. By placing the more institutional and administrative dependencies on the physical center of the old structure, the plan promotes for people to move in an multidirectional manner.  Each residential household contains the main components of a typical home. Residents enjoy a more palpable privacy due to the segregation of common services, but also due to the standardized living modules which benefit from private bathrooms and reading corners. Seeking for a more safe and easy to read environment the design generates color coded spaces through the use of a ceiling trellis. This also acts as a guide to the common spaces and private entrance of each unit. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Florida, US