Blake Sherwood

Blake Sherwood

Brooklyn, NY, US


Unearthing the Traces of the Trade: Providence Cultural Center

            This project was developed in a studio researching the history of the slave trade in Rhode Island.  My findings lead me to explore ideas of reflection, confrontation, knowledge, and action.  The site I chose for the project was the decommissioned I-95 bridge that crosses the Providence River.  The river represents the last remaining witness to the slave ships that once entered Providence.  

A Bridging of Cultures Through
Understanding the Past,
Dealing with the present, and
Planning for the future.

The project utilizes the existing structure of the bridge, making a public park on the rebuilt deck, and a glass box suspended from beneath the structure.  The box contains a cultural center, related organization offices, and learning kiosks, which contain information about Awareness, Advocacy, Activism, and Aid for victims of modern day slavery.  Towards one side of the bridge, solid and void forms pierce through the structure and emulate the dark past and its reflectance in the water.  The forms feather off toward the opposite side, symbolizing gained knowledge of history,  and terminating at a viewing platform facing the bay.

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Status: School Project
Location: Providence, RI, US