Blake Sherwood

Blake Sherwood

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Democracy Center

            The request of the client, the Democracy Center, was to make an iconic structure that reflected the ideals of democracy, to house the democracy center and public meeting spaces.  The proposed design of the building portrays C-shaped pods that act as incubators for Non Profit Organizations, which are set in to an amorphic ‘ghost’ form of the intangible subject of Democracy.  Secondary to this are smaller, removable, and transportable pods that an organization would use to travel to various places and express their ideas to others.  The exterior sheathing of both pods represent a colorful array of data bits being sent through wires.  The ends of the pods are translucent screens that display media and forums to the public.  Along with an open central meeting space, a media center, and top floor graduate housing, the building essentially becomes a hub for idea creating, researching, and sharing.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cambridge, MA, US