Maxwell Bendert

Maxwell Bendert

Binghamton, NY, US


Student Organic Farm: Stair Project

As part of our Community 1:1 class, two other students alongside me were charged with the challenge to finish the already built stairs and platform that were constructed in the previous semester for the Student Organic Farm.  These stairs are to be a focal point for the newly reformed farm.  Not only will these stairs be an aid for the public to access the farm from the higher ground, but they will also act as an advertisement for the farm also.  Since these stairs are placed at a key intersection on campus, they are clearly visible to many of the students and other passersby that transit through. 

Our goal was to complete the installation of the horizontal slat facade, build and install the metal guard rails and hand rails, and build a front porch leading to the platform.

To incorporate the newly indoctrinated 2020 plan into this new construction on campus, a decision was made to paint the entire structure in the “Clemson Sustainable Green.”  A green color that was made by the university especially for its sustainable initiatives.

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Status: Built
Location: Clemson, SC, US