Maxwell Bendert

Maxwell Bendert

Binghamton, NY, US


Eastern Bluebird House

Wood: Objective - Choose a bird from our home town, research the specifications required for a birdhouse, then design a unique one ourselves.

This curvaceous sapele (wood type) bird house is designed for an Eastern Blue Bird.

This type of bird likes to perch on outstretching branches and power line wires to hunt for its prey. The entrance hole needs to be between two to four inches so the female  is able to enter but not the male. Ventilation is required, thus the levitated octagonal-gable roof. A predator protector is much encouraged to prevent cats, raccoons, and other such type of animals from reaching the nest.

The curved structure of the bird house stems from the need of the predator protector. The bird is also able to perch on the outstretching top supports to aid in its hunt near its home.

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Status: Built
Location: Charleston, SC, US