Maxwell Bendert

Maxwell Bendert

Binghamton, NY, US


Homeless Assistance Center

Perception of immediate space and distance space builds a connection with progressive growth; especially when concerning educational purposes involved within a project. The homeless families within Columbia, South Carolina are missing continuity with themselves and a shelter over their heads in which they are able to call their own. Thus within the program of the building, each programmatic space is broken apart. The user feels something is missing therefore the migration to the possession of a personal home is pursued. While inhabiting a single programmatic space they feel comfort but not in the sense of personal possession but aesthetically wise. This internal feeling begins to persuade the inhabitant that this shelter does not provide adequate service towards the ideal of home. They need to learn to inhabit a place for their own which implies home.

The site provides a visual connection from the more intimate and pedestrian scale of Main St. towards the contemporary library situated across the more heavily trafficked Assembly St. The library provides a sense of a constant sources of knowledge, resources, and progressiveness. The use of this ideal is what will aid in the aspiration of the homeless families to get back on their feet.

The form of this building came about through the visual connection through the site. A cone of vision was formed facing the library, then it was split into two arms that reach out and ‘embrace’ the qualities of the library. These arms then ‘embrace’ the educational aspect, alluding to the idea that a proper knowledge base is needed to transition back into society.


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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Columbia, SC, US