Carolyn Ng

Carolyn Ng

Los Angeles, CA, US


Origami Glow

This project focuses on creating a design that is not only aesthetically elegant, but also organized and structural through exploiting intrinsic differences between trace paper and regular printer paper. The final design is a 4’ by 3’ installation composed from 5320 paper units and 8033 trace units, 
The process begins with the unit. Through a traditional origami fold used in the art of paper swan making, the unit is derived. From the unit, 5 different modules are designed with different types of aggregation of trace paper units, varying in density and sizes. Being the most stable, the densest modules are placed at the bottom of the installation while the gradient moves to the loosest modules at the top. Because of the variation in density, the transparency factor also gradates from most translucent at the bottom to most transparent at the top. 
However, without adhesive, the static friction coefficient for trace paper is too low to withstand the loads of the entire installation. Even the densest trace module will break apart under its own weight. Therefore, regular paper units are introduced as a structural frame. Just as the trace modules, the paper frame increases in numbers from top to bottom. In addition, the modules and frame alternates from front to back each roll to introduce a flowing curvature in section, especially at the bottom as legs, to increase stability. At the end, point lights are placed behind the installation, allowing it to glow as intended. 

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Status: School Project