Alan Knox

Alan Knox

Austin, TX, US


Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space

Our design proposal for the temporary outdoor gallery space seeks to provide an ideal setting for the display of art by elevating its architecture to an art itself. To achieve this, we propose the following architectural strategies:
Lighting - To create a diffused, even light for the display of art. Utilizing CNC technology in the fabrication of the walls and ceiling, we achieve soft, indirect lighting for the display of art though careful modulation of aperture size and material thickness.
Display - To provide for flexibility in the display of varied media. Developing a system of anchors to be embedded as needed within any aperture of the TOGS surfaces, we provide for the display of art that is mounted, placed on shelves, on the walls, set of the floor, or hung from the ceiling.
Surface - To develop a unique architectural expression that does not detract from the art, but accentuates it. Inside the TOGS become a neutral backdrop for the art. Outside, the elegantly milled TOGS become sculpture. Walls open up to provide an awning for the handicapped accessible entry ramps, blurring the distinction between inside and out, and effectively doubling the amount of display space. When locked down at night the TOGS are lit from within, creating a beautiful light display, increasing its visibility while improving security.
Urban - To create an urban network of TOGS which is more than the sum of its parts. To achieve this, the TOGS are designed to relate to each other modularly. This allows for the possibility of interesting groupings, accommodation for varied site conditions and the creation of activated exterior display courtyards.
project designed in partnership with Alberto Zamora

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Austin, TX, US