Alan Knox

Alan Knox

Austin, TX, US


Closet Contemporary

Closet Contemporary is a house that brings together two juxtaposing ideas: the desire for a traditional exterior form, and an open floor plan composed of clean lines to fit a contemporary lifestyle. 

The house is organized into two main zones: the living spaces, and the service spaces. The service spaces are arranged in a bar along the first and second floors and are made up of the utility room, mechanical space, bathrooms, closets, and vertical circulation. This consolidates the plumbing runs, saves cost, and minimizes water usage that is normally wasted while waiting for hot water to flow from the heat source to the faucet. The living spaces are open to each other and also have a connection to adjacent outdoor living areas. Walls line up from the first floor to the second floor, making for simple and cost effective structural framing. There are five areas of the home that incorporate simple built in storage and shelving to help keep the home organized and free of excess clutter.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Any standard residential lot