Alan Knox

Alan Knox

Austin, TX, US


SE Skyline Ball Field Pavilion

SE Skyline Ball Park is located adjacent to South Side Lions Park and Highlands High School to the east of interstate 37 and south of interstate 10. For many years the ball park operated with substandard fields and facilities in need of repair. In 2008 San Antonio’s Venue Tax Campaign provided funding to reimage the park.
With limited funds and an owner’s concerns of security, the design of the pavilion maximizes usable outdoor square footage under the shade of a canopy to protect from the Central Texas sun. Under the canopy, conditioned and unconditioned spaces where arranged to reflect the needs of the ball park, which is central to the surrounding community. The facility includes functions for the park including concessions, ticketing, offices, storage, and restrooms and also allows for community gatherings, meetings, and seasonal festivities. This small, simple structure functions year round and is managed by community leaders.
Details are limited and purposeful, shifting every other masonry block to create a textured surface. At outdoor entries the masonry walls defuse into a screen wall allowing light through the space. The simple and honest manipulation of these materials goes beyond function to provide SE Skyline a new home for generations to come.

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Status: Built
Location: San Antonio, TX, US