Donald Butera

Donald Butera

Princeton, IN, US


Phenomenal Shelving

In response to the lack of shelving space available within the Phenomenal Research Center (PRC) at Southern Illinois University, a modular shelving unit has been devised to meet the user’s needs and to satisfy personal visual taste. 


The modular composition explores the concept of Lindenmayer Systems as a solution of interchangeable units flexible to the user’s vision.  Lindenmayer Systems also known as L-Systems was selected for its growth process based on specific variables influencing the overall design.   



- Initial String:  A:  A+,  A--^
- Start:  A
- Iterations:  10

- A [Geometry]:

Replacement Process:
0)  A
1)  A+,  A--^
2)  A+,  A--^+,  A+,  A--^--^
3)  A+,  A--^+,  A+,  A--^--^
4)  A+,  A--^+,  A+,  A--^--^,  A+,  A--^--^--^
5)  A+,  A--^+,  A+,  A--^--^,  A--^--^+,  A+,         A--^+,  A+,  A--^--^+,  A+,  A--^+,  A+,          A--^--^--^--^

Interpretive Process

- String: A+,  A--^+
- Interpretation Rules:
  (+)  =  Turn right 90 degrees
  (-)   =  Turn left 90 degrees
  (^)  =   Scale x2

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Status: Built
Location: Carbondale, IL, US