Donald Butera

Donald Butera

Princeton, IN, US


Int'l Film Institute

The diverse culture within the realm of independent films lacks international celebration and recognition.  In correlation with world-wide filming institutes and academies,  the International Film Institute highlights the diversity not only within each explicit culture, but each industry in terms of film creation and innovation.  Located in the heartland of America the international institute acts as a
hot-spot for international tourism, complementing the numerous site-seeing attractions among St. Louis, MO.


International recognition within the industry drives a pragmatic design based on transparency
between the viewing public and the private process of film creation.  Transparency acts as an educational tool to encourage interaction among the unfamiliarized public and the daily environment associated with the process of film research, development, and creation.  The resulting program lends itself to  an unconstrained spatial relationship, predominantly laid out in a centralized
fashion, encouraging interaction between public and private activities.

Layout developed primarily under the concept of unconstrained spaces directly relating to  the views within the facility itself and the surround landscape of St. Louis.

The controlling factor for the spacial design was based on the overall concept of transparency within the independent filming industry.  With the idea the public would have full  access to various private activities, alternatively creating an appreciation for what goes on within the industry.  It also creates a never ending visual classroom, where spectators can learn and understand the process of film creation at their leisure. 

Various weather conditions where taken into consideration within the devised layout including:

- Location of Sunlight
- River Floods
- Bridge Trafficking and Noise
- Railroad (20’ South of Facility)
- Various transportation
     Metro-station | Bikes | Tour Buses  
     Vehicles | Pedestrians | Boats 
- Location of other nearby attractions

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Status: School Project
Location: St Louis, MO

Floor Plans
Floor Plans