Jeffrey Luong

Jeffrey Luong

Brooklyn, NY, US


Ponte Rotto

Ponte Rotto, also known as “the Broken Bridge”, was the site of the design workshop. The
broken bridge itself is an ancient Roman bridge that has been destroyed and restored several
times in history. Today, there is only a fragment of the old bridge that has no connection to
either side of the Tiber River and a newer bridge (Ponte Girabaldi) had been constructed to
replace its function as a bridge.

The program is a temporary bridge and recreational space that deals with the broken bridge
and Ponte Girabaldi. The idea behind the design of the bridge is to give the Ponte Rotto a new
life in which it acts as not only a historic artifact to experience, but also as a platform to connect
to the Tiber Island.

The design of the bridge is that of a suspended bridge that cantilevers inches over the remaining
fragment of the Ponte Rotto, in order to keep its structural integrity intact.
The design of the recreational space triangulates from Ponte Girabaldi and Ponte Rotto. It is a
small triangle piazza which connects the two bridges and also connects the bridges to Tiber
Island. This temporary bridge is then a interface between the three elements: Ponte Rotto,
Ponte Girabaldi, and Tiber Island.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Rome, Italy