Jeffrey Luong

Jeffrey Luong

Brooklyn, NY, US


Analog-ic Housing

In Collaboration with: Jin Hyung Kim

The primary focus of this design project was that of a jointed skin system. Since the introduction
of pre-fabricated technology into the field of architecture, it has been proven to be not only
an cost effective method of production, it has also been proven to be an efficient means of

Initially derived from an analog study of a puzzle game, the joinery took its form after iterations
of tests that dealt with aperture and porosity in relation to program. By ergonomically sizing
and organizing the apertures, they become performative, reflecting the programmatic needs as
well as create unique corner conditions.

The development of modular units as well as their organization was also rigorously tested. Utilizing
a skip stop system of circulation, the double L modular units wraps central double loaded
corridors that occur every four floors. This resulted in a densely packed housing complex.
Due to the unique double L form of the units and their organization, 40 feet tall “airways”
emerged through the entire depth of the building which allows for both light and air. Within
these airways, public lounge and balcony spaces were suspended.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US