Rachel Bate

Rachel Bate



Modular Art Park

The adaptive re-use of an abandoned tram depot on the cultural periphery of Edinburgh City. The project explores the nature of abandoned urban space and seeks to address the issue of temporary occupation with the insertion of mobile art galleries.
The concept leis rooted in the theories of Yona Friedman; adaptable space and user participation. The result is a flexible framework allowing for the insertion, and provision of services for a series of pre-fab mobile art gallery units. With minimal interference, the site is transformed into an accessible, cultural hub for creative cultivation and display.
The design is based on a grid system allowing for the simple insertion and removal of individual low cost Pre-Fab units. The units function as art studios and mobile museums, show-casing local and international creative talent.
The existing buildings on site are refurbished and refitted with service units, to enable them to act as hubs to the creative community. They become flexible exhibition spaces, open to re-use and adaptation as required.

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Status: School Project
Location: Leith Walk, Edinburgh