Rachel Bate

Rachel Bate



Culture of The Informal - Masters By Design Research Project

 The research project explores the historical and cultural factors concerning both temporary intervention and informal occupation within Architecture.

The research analyses the use of temporary as a design tool, in contrast to traditional ideas of formal occupation. Through this exploration the project opens up a debate advocating the use of temporary intervention as a means to contrast the rigidity of urban planning.
The aim of the research is to convey how such interventions create a deeper link between the user and the architecture, offering exploration and expressions of local culture and identity.
The research encompasses theories and cultural influences relating to the temporary within architecture and it's connection to informal culture. The reader is then taken on a journey, as the designer takes these theories and analyses previous design precedents, in order to apply the learning to a speculative design response located in Leith.
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Status: School Project
Location: Edinburgh, GB