Rachel Bate

Rachel Bate




The project deals with the current patterns of housing and provides an alternative way of dealing with social issues associated to the area, by providing people with the means to create their own environments.
Inspired by A.S Neill's model for an autocratic primary school, the occupants are highly involved in the design and construction of their own eco-housing units. The life long learning centre will provide all the facilities necessary for 40 family units to work with designers and architects to design and construct individual housing units according to the specific needs of the user.
Workshops on construction and building will be given within the centre, where the units are to be made and assembled on site. On completion of construction, the existing factory space will be used for manual skills training. This will then serve as the production base for the construction of future eco-cities along the central belt from glasgow to Edinburgh.

Self sustainability is key to the success of project. Beneath the glazed structure are vast areas of planting allowing occupants to become self reliable. The expanse of glazing is mechanically controlled for heating and cooling, whilst acting as a water collector for the grey water system. Photovoltaics and solar panels provide electricity, powering the district heating system.

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Status: School Project
Location: Maryhill, Glasgow