Rachel Barnhart

Rachel Barnhart

Temecula, CA, US


Obscene Museum

Ignorance of reality hinders evolution of intelligence. However, our ugliness and our imperfections are what make us human. In order to grow towards bettering our species we all need to understand where we have been and what we have done, be it good or bad, pretty or ugly, heartless or generous. Controversy forces acknowledgment, acknowledgment leads to dialogue, dialogue inspires change. This project creates controversy. It is meant to exploit our right to free speech, it is meant to anger. It is not about theobscenity of items inside, it is about learning and evolving from them. It is about accepting who we were. Refusal to accept humanistic behavior is denial in regards to who you are. This is about freedom and tolerance, and the ignorance that prevents us from fully achieving it.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US