Pil hyun Hwang

Pil hyun Hwang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Infinite Involutions

Graduate Thesis in SCI-Arc


 The Public Library in Murano Island


Infinite Involutions explores the multilateral potentials of involutions which are based on how involutions show different behavior on various scales as expressed through the spatial organization, structure, and details.  Using elasticity as the means for design, infinite involutions trigger the discussion of exploring the configuration between architecture and ground rather than the typical construct.  Taking into consideration the environment of Venice where inundation of the ground level frequently happens, this library selects a floating system as the means of occupying ground.  This project provides a multilateral investigation regarding the potential of continuity in architecture. Ultimately, the logics of spatial organization and the articulation of multi-layered space based on monolithic surfaces will be developed through advanced design technology.

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Status: School Project
Location: Murano, IT