Bryan Maultasch

Bryan Maultasch

Los Angeles, CA, US


Larchmont Master Plan

The Larchmont Master Plan for the Larchmont community in Santa Monica, outlines the new development for the coming of the metro. The master plan will cover 234.25 acres and encompass retail, commercial, housing, and open space, as well as the new transit stop.

The master plan focuses on the sustainable lifestyle, of living close to where you work and using public transportation as an easier means of travelling. As the transit stop is the central hub of the new plan, it is most dense closet to the stop and less dense as it gets further away. This all works cohesively through major layers of emphasis: ecologically, economically, culturally, socially, and hydrologically. Through these layers the master plan begins to take form, helping to dictate the appropriate placing of the program. Within the plan there are three major districts: rst, the existing
Bergamont Arts District; second, a new park and riparian zone; and third, a new shopping district. These three districts are all central to the new station to draw in local commuters; beyond these districts are the less dense areas of commercial business and nally housing. The zoning of the plan is not one of major segregation, but of mixed uses. Only the outskirts of the plan are spaces zoned for housing. Nevertheless, there is minimal single family housing, with denser residential to act as a buer between the single family homes and the commercial retail areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US