Ratima Pisalyaput

Ratima Pisalyaput

Brooklyn, NY, US


UCI Infant Toddler Center

Company: MVE Institutional

Square Footage: 7,500 SF
Client: University of California, Irvine

Main Program:
Infant/Toddler Classrooms Nap Rooms
Outdoor Play Area  Staff Training Room
Director’s Office

The Infant Toddler Center (ITC) is an extension to the existing center at the UCI Campus.  The ITC is just one portion of the Phase 1 project, which includes 4-story residential buildings for graduate students. Both components are designed to modernize the current UCI residential area while still adhering to contextual elements that currently exist in the surrounding areas of campus.

My responsibilities:
Project coordinator/draftsman            
- Worked consistently with the consultants in Revit.  With BIM (Building Information Modeling) Coordination Meetings, we detected clashes with the infrastructure and resolved issues before going through construction on

- Attended construction site meetings with the general contractor to assure we were meeting deadlines and adhering to university standards

-  I prepared the documents and exhibits required to go through the certification process to hopefully achieve LEED Gold Certification

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Irvine, CA, US