Ratima Pisalyaput

Ratima Pisalyaput

Brooklyn, NY, US



Main Program:
Exhibition, Media Lab, Reading Room, Library Stacks/Digital Archive, Auditorium, Classroom, Cafe


Hollywood Boulevard emphasizes the facade and focuses on using signage or ornamentation as a means of attracting attention.  It is purely about the variance in appearance that makes Hollywood Blvd diverse, but in turn also loses its effectiveness.  The ornamentation covers up the similarities of the buildings, both in physical form and intent for profit.

My project is about breaking away from the normality of Hollywood. Rather than using the program as a barrier for the streetscape, the mediatheque is used as a passageway that leaks onto Hollywood Blvd.  People can sinuously experience the whole mediatheque, acquire and retrieve information, and still have a connection to Hollywood Blvd.  Ultimately, the mediatheque is an interactive gallery.


With the advancement of technology, the idea of physical storage has been reduced to digital storage in flash drives, external hardrives, DVD’s, CD’s, etc.  The mediatheque celebrates this idea of vanishing physical space by carving out the “signage” walls to store this data.  The condensed storage space allows for the circulation spaces to be truly inhabitable and interactive to the public.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hollywood, CA, US