Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Madrid, ES


PROJECTS 9: Student’s Residence for the Freie Universität

The Freie Universität project came largelyconditioned by the new concept
of educationthat arises here. Although we had to adhere to a
residential program for students, we were asked to be more creative in
the coexistence betweendeveloped.
Hence the site be defined as a passageway and through these
gradients, the influence of the building lead to the entire campus and
create aliving area bigger than the building itself. The set consists of
different layers to be increasingprivacy as you ascend, leaving the
public morein the lower floors with facilities that serve asattractors and
meeting points.

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Status: Built
Location: Berlin, DE