Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Madrid, ES


PROJECTS 7: Sentinel Project: toxicity alarm locator

This is an academic project in which we were asked an analysis of a
problem in our city and a possible answer. Air quality is a big problem for
Madrid due to the concentration of gases derived mostly from vehicles.
I developed a protocol associated with thenetwork of detectors of the
city, which wouldalarm, locating the point of contamination. Fromhere,
the extracting agent, which he calledSentinels, would be activated to
reduce the amount of pollution in that area, similar to a leafbreathe
through their stromata.
After removing the excess of toxic gases, there would be in recycling
ships to plantations higheremissions of CO2 absorption

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES