Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Tomas Alejandro Pineda Pérez

Madrid, ES



Client: Cordoba Cityhall Date: May 2011
Project: (v4jp) Housing for Young People
Location: Miraflores Neighbourhood, Cordoba, Spain

The project takes its shape from its empty spaces in extensions of existing
routes in the city courts. A circulation system and more intimate alternative
that hides the secrets of the people of Cordova. The voids are
formed in different ways depending on the equipment while the mass of
the building is determined as a dwelling.
Entr3patios is focused on a tour of the yards in 3D so that the equipment
of the building become public, and invites you to enter it. Enable use of
the building, as part of the project is integrated into an area that is
defined as young and creative center of the city.
The outer skin becomes almost continuous lattice of moving parts and
fixed in terms of holes and furniture that is integrated into the distribution
of each guest room, as needed.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Córdoba, ES