Victoria Benatar

Victoria Benatar

New York, NY, US

Sexy entrance to a woman's store
Sexy entrance to a woman's store

Steve Madden Store #50

This Store is located in the prime of Manhattan’s Upper East Side commercial strip of 86th street.

This new location- moved from across the street- presented a challenge: how to maximize the display area in such a narrow location. We also started from the premises of being a store to sale just woman’s shoes, therefore needed to be very feminine.

In order to create the shelving/display area, we decided to occupy the wall space to create different display systems to create a more complex environment as we woman’s are.

We also wanted to create the sensation the store would continue placing a mirror at the end of the space. It copy the design create a reproduction of the space. It is a sexy store for woman to feel sexy and buy shoes.

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Status: Built
Location: 157 East 86th St NYC