Victoria Benatar

Victoria Benatar

New York, NY, US

Interior renovation of the FLAGSHIP store.
Interior renovation of the FLAGSHIP store.

Steve Madden Flagship Store

The importance of this store and its urban location was taken into consideration for the design. The flagship store located in 34th street by Macys, the empire state building, all NYC icons as the flagship store is.

As per the client's request, this store needed to be renovated to update the image's brand in this mega-urban location
We decided then to create an urban store, were the street can come inside without shyness as well as the customers; The Street opens up and enters the store. We use black and white as colors that very well define the city and a re-interpretation of a gigantic subway map that completed the design and the urban image desired for this particular location.
The store was designed and built in phases. The first phase was dedicated to increase the display areas using new type of adjustable shelving on curved panels to avoid the use of standards. The second phase including display accessories wall, cash wrap and center table.
The lighting was also design and built in phases to create urban drama. 

We use the NYC subway map to create an URBAN quality to the space.

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Status: Built
Location: 34th St NYC