Mike Visovsky

Mike Visovsky

Seattle, WA, US

Competition entry board
Competition entry board

Moored Menagerie

"Buenos Aires 2009" competition by ARQUITECTUM to design a vertical zoo for native animals of all types.


Remnants of the old failed port remain in Puerto Madero. This proposal celebrates the history of the port and incorporate the new vision for the city. Two large "sails" surround a mast, at the edge of the water. Orientation was determined by using the points of sail from the primary North-East wind source.  One sail faces the water and is comprised of the primary program, a vertical zoo. The city-facing sail contains the semi-public and private spaces. A ramp circulates around each vertical program stack, allowing multiple views of the animals from all angles. Views are essential to this project, both those that relates to the animals and those out to the city and sea. Metal mesh and wood cladding rain screen systems monitor and blur the view to the exterior. As one circulates the ramps, the cladding is cut away providing selective views to the exterior. Once at a landing, one
can step out onto a balcony for a greater view out to the city. At the mast, the two sails slip into each other creating overlap balconies pulling through to the exterior. At the ends of each sail are other balconies. Cumulatively, these balconies begin to provide a 360 degree view and as one travels higher, the larger and more complete views expose themselves.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Puerto Madero, AR
My Role: Team member, rendering and post processing
Additional Credits: 4 other thesis student at RPI on our 5-person team