Roland Boschmann

Roland Boschmann

Salem, OR, US


Buffalo Bill Cody Museum

Buffalo Bill Cody is buried and commemorated at the peak of Lookout Mountain overlooking Golden, Denver and the eastern plains.  The current museum is insufficient to house the collection and to thoroughly communicate Cody's life and the effect it has had on American culture.   The challenge was to be respectful to the grave-site as well as to the location at the top of the mountain while also taking advantage of the site's views, and fitting a 120,000sf program including the museum, a conference center, theater, gift shop etc... onsite without destroying its wilderness character.   My solution was to nestle the building into the mountainside putting the museum, and archive below where the sun cannot degrade the artifacts and the conference center and gift shop above to enjoy the views.

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Status: School Project
Location: Golden Colorado