Hunter Ruthrauff

Hunter Ruthrauff

San Diego, CA, US



This project was a study model that preceeds the final design for the Twisp Wedge Shed. Tessy (short for tesselation) is a precursor to the Wedge Shed project where my team and I were exploring the potential tessellated structures have as a shed. Ultimately Tessy would have to be laser or plasma cut from steel sheets with intermediary structure integrated between modules in order to
gain structural robustness. This study model displays complexity from one module that differs only in the way its folded up. Basically the perimeter line of each module is exactly the same but
can assume a 30, 15, 0, -15, and -30 degree fold depending on its scored condition. The design walks a fine line between material efficiency and aesthetic complexity and ultimately achieves
both by sacrificing double curvature. While interesting in form and appearance figuring out a way to keep moisture and vermin out was nearly impossible given the permeability of each module. Tessy’s dramatic textured appearance is a derivative of its tectonic process where connections and folded conditions necessary to stiffen the module create a two way pattern of folds,
hardware, apertures, and shadow. On one side the structure appears fairly simplistic but as it reverts the under structure is exposed and the assembly process becomes evident.

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Status: School Project
Location: Seattle, WA, US