Hunter Ruthrauff

Hunter Ruthrauff

San Diego, CA, US



I'm absolutely obssessive about biology and architecture. Fittingly I look to biology for biomimetic design potential in order to produce inherently sustainable and robust designs but also to edify clientel on the importance of biodiversity in the natural world. I have worked in various residential architecture offices as a project designer and in the furniture industry as an engineer and designer. I have a passion for design at any level from architecture to jewelry. My skill set revolves around CAD/CAM design specifically 3D Modeling, scripting, and digital fabrication. I previously graduated with a bachelor of architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Architecture specific to design computation at the University of Washington Seatte. My thesis is focused on the creation of new additive casting methods of fabrication called digitally reconfigurable forming surfaces that minimize waste and increase productively independent of geometric complexity.



University of Washington, Graduate Student Assistant: 3D Modeling/ Rendering/ Animation

Currently in my second year of graduate school I am serving as a GSA for a modeling and rendering course entitled Arch 481 under the supervision of Professor Brian Johnson. The course focuses on the general principels and theory of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. My job requires me to hold office hours during the week and sometimes on the weekends to address problems students are having with various modeling and rendering platforms although the main software packages used were Rhino 4.0 and V-Ray. The experience has been instrumental in helping me convey lessons better so that it is well understood from the students perspective. A few times a month I will put together a new tutorial to introduce an advanced topic or cover an intermediate topic relevant to a project they are working on.

Sep 2011 - current

Huber Architects, Project Designer

Huber Architects was a small three person residential design-build office that I worked for during my first year of graduate school on into summer. Being a small office my job required me to be versatile and perform many different types of jobs. Often I would start a project as the designer and finish as the manager. Being a computation student I contributed greatly with my knowledge of software specifically 3D modeling and simulation. It enabled the firm to offer a new range of services - rendering and energy/ lighting analysis - to our clients as well as enhance current projects. This job extended past the visualization and design aspects of architecture and into the business end where I was given the opportunity to bid out projects, find government contracts, guide cliental, and respond to RFQs. I also performed an energy and lighting analysis on a new private residence which allowed us to dial in on roof overhang length, window sizes, material selection, and lighting type ultimately driving down
cost. Lastly, because of my background in fabrication I was allowed to design and digitally fabricate two lighting pendants and explicitly detail shop drawing templates for our cabinetry subcontractor based on the 3D model.

Apr 2011 - current

Simbiotek Design Lab, Co-Founder, Designer

I co-founded SDL with a partner from my bachelor degree upon graduating. The lab emphasizes biomimetic design strategies in the creation of new sustainable products as a way to edify our clientel on the importance of biodiversity in the natural world. Our products evolve from both analogue and computational methods resulting in a broad range of strictly geometric and seemingly chaotic designs. The lab engages in architecture, furniture, and jewelry design. We have a design-build emphasis and
utilize digital fabrication as our primary means of manufacturing. We currently have a contract with a manufacturer for the Meta occasional table series which has been on display at trade shows around the country and our jewelry is sold in consignment shops nationally and internationally.

Jun 2009 - current

University of Washington, Graduate Student Assistant: Digital Fabrication

I was a graduate student assistant at the College of Built Environment’s wood and metal shop at the University of Washington. My job entails instructing students how to operate both conventional and digital fabrication tools as well as perform maintenance on those machines to ensure they operate properly. The position has opened me up to a wealth of knowledge regarding how materials react to certain forces as well as how details come together out in the field. So often there are tangibles that we don’t consider looking at a screen that often creep up in the real world and this position has forced me to consider these constraints throughout the design process. Beyond design this position has familiarized me with teaching and the preparation necessary to convey a process to students that will enable them to complete the objective at hand.

Sep 2010 - Jun 2011

Arcadia Furniture, Graphic Designer/ 3D Engineer

Following graduation I began working for Arcadia Furniture as a 3D engineer building working models to extract drawings, photorealistic renderings, and CAD/ CAM code, I worked to integrate sustainable product design and facility management under the LEVEL standardization which is the furniture industry’s equivalent to LEED in the building industry. The experience has enabled me to become familiar with the manufacturing process primarily depending on CNC milling technology for rapidly produced precise pieces for which to construct furniture. This is of great interest to me since I’m fascinated with how architectural design can and is being influenced by these processes. The job got me acclimated to the deeper issues of the manufacturing process where fabrication time, modularized material, custom components, and design process all come into dynamic relation to produce a high cost, high quality, cheaply manufactured, functional, and beautiful product that is marketable.

Jul 2009 - Sep 2010

Herchenroeder Design, Project Designer

I worked for Herchenroeder Design for the better part of two years full time during the 2007 & 2008 summers and part time during the school years. While interning I designed several residential projects most of which were in Upland but the most contemporary one in Los Angeles. The experience allowed me to integrate new methods of graphic and architectural representation learned in school into the real world to convey the idea more clearly to the client. It also expanded on the necessity of 3D modeling in the future to extract sections, plans, renderings, and various other information required for construction.
Most importantly I got familiar with code integration, client relationships, site surveying, details, and the design process from schematic to construction. The firm was small at four people but this allowed me to govern how the project was visualized from sketch to rendering to CDs.

Jun 2007 - Sep 2009

Edifice Architects, 3D Modeler

Between the end of the 2006 & 2007 school years I worked part time for a professor whom is the principle of a design/build studio specializing in residential and commercial design. While at Edifice Architects I modeled an ice cream shop interior and a wedding chapel in Claremont. Working at Edifice got me familiarized with the client/designer relationship as well as how to present ideas to them.

Jun 2007 - Sep 2007

RKZ Inc., Intern

During the summer of 2006 I worked for an industrial architecture firm where I was mainly a draftsman making revisions to plans, sections, and details. I also worked on shop drawings and submitted plans to city planners and clients. Although elementary this initial stint in an office was useful in providing me with an idea of what an architectural office is like as well as the work acceptable at a professional level.

Jun 2006 - Sep 2006


University of Washington, Masters, Architecture

I entered the school of architecture with the goal of sharpening my skills in computation specifically with regard to scripting, interactive design, and digital fabrication. I wanted to get a graduate degree so I could become specialized and therefore appeal to both the academic and professional worlds. I am currently writing my thesis on a new additive cast manufacturing method.

Sep 2010 - current
Sep 2004 - Jun 2009


Safe Trestles Competition, Honorable Mention


Department of Architecture Top Scholar, Scholarship


Annobooks Student Competition, Other



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