Karlo De Soto

Karlo De Soto

Tijuana, MX


Plaza la Ocho

DESIGN: DStudio Architecture
PROJECT: Plaza la Ocho
LOCATION: Tijuana, México
YEAR: 2012
PROJECT TEAM: Karlo De Soto Molina, Olinca Marmolejo Hernandez, Laura Saucedo Hinojosa, Luis
Cardenas Martinez

This project is built on the site of the former headquarters of the Municipal Police and Fire
Station, located on 8th Street and Constitution. Which was demolished earlier this year in an
unlawful manner by the current mayor of the city. By destroying a part of the history of the city
without considering its reuse and conservation, the Project began to wake up public attention and
demanding that now the space should be considered for public use.

Being located in the downtown Tijuana, its a space where daily route of public transportation
go by, locals and tourists pass by the site because of its close neighbor Av. Revolucion which is a
tourist destination. Making it an area where social events are held, both commercial and cultural,
thus bringing a diversity of audiences and visitors.

The association for the Police and fire department museum took the obligation of promoting the
development of a suitable site to honor these men and women who serve and protect our city.
While adding to this, several spaces where people could meet, do activities, enjoy and promote
urban leisure. That is when DStudio Architecture stepped in to help and develop the conceptual
design for the Plaza la Ocho.

Main objectives

Create the Police and Firefighter Museum of Tijuana, making known to the public, through
the museum the history of these heroes, highlighting their bravery and service; and likewise, in
turn promoting young people's interest in these professions.

Provide a public area that meets the need of cultural and leisure interaction for families in

The Project should work as a detonator to begin a new phase of development of Tijuana's
downtown area and promote a mixed use of spaces, densification and evolve its current image.

The project is composed out of these spaces:

Recreational Plaza; Garden Plaza; Police and Firefighter Museum of Tijuana; a Gourmet Market
to promote local production from the region; Commercial Area for a variety of shops and
restaurants; Office spaces; Cultural work shops and gallery; rooftop gardens and terraces.

The site is divided into two areas, an outer more public zone which has direct contact with the
urban context. And a more private, but still linked, area for a more leisure type of program.

In the outer zone, a gourmet market and a garden plaza welcomes visitors to the space. Creating
open areas within a dense context. Behind the garden plaza, on a upper level , the museum was
located and raised to infamies its presence as the star attraction and remembering what once stud

The main volume of the building, which has a V shape, holds the museum for both police and
firefighters, creating a continuous path thru the entire exhibition spaces. Part of the museum
hovers on top of the main plaza creating a gate way towards the private zone. In this space you
will find the commercial area with shops, restaurants, outside eating areas, fountains and an
outdoor stage.

On a second level in the private zone, offices spaces dedicated to non profit organizations have a
clear view down to the inner plaza. The third level hold the cultural spaces, workshops, multiuse
spaces either for lectures or social counseling, and a gallery. Rooftop terraces are integrated to the
design to benefit form the height and serve as look out points and take in the city views.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Tijuana, Mexico