Nicholas Feihel

Nicholas Feihel

Merrick, NY, US


Roman Music Hall

The site for this project is at the base of the Victor Emanuel II Monument in Rome, with Capitoline Hill to the north, and Palazzo Vinezia to the south.  It is impossible to bring in modern design in to a location with such strong classical and ancient ruins.  As such, my design became about making the Music Hall seem as if it is apart of the ruins of the city.  The stone structure would emerge from the ground as the ruins of the forums do.

The Hall consisted of musical education, galleries for instruments, and a performance hall.  The procession through these spaces was carefully constructed to be a path of discovery.  The spaces are carved out of the solid mass of the building. 

As one moved through, they would discover music pulling them into different spaces.  The driving force behind the design is the display of the entire music making process. Towards this, instead of putting music practice rooms hidden away, they were put on display to the occupants of the museum.  The spaces culminated in the performance hall that carved back into the ground. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, Italy