Nicholas Feihel

Nicholas Feihel

Merrick, NY, US


Pratt Institute Dormitory

Pratt Institute required a new graduate housing building just north of campus, on Grand Avenue.  The zoning of the site made allowing for the requirements of the school extremely difficult.  This drove the design to become a vertical MAT building.  Each apartment housed four students, each with an individual room, semi private baths, and a public kitchen, living room, and dining room.  The apartments size was reduced as much as possible to maintain efficiency.  The efficiency becomes apparent in is the main facade.  The bed of each room is pushed beyond the limits of thebuilding, allowing for more floor space in the room itself. 

The extra space was given back to the students in the form of large lounges that are shared by the apartments on each floor, and the out door spaces on the ground level.

The landscape was treated as every other surface, and became programed.  The horizontal MAT building is graduate family housing, meaning the apartments are slightly larger, and have their own semi-private courtyard. As well as only one bedroom large enough for a couple. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY