Michelle Sletten

Michelle Sletten

Madison, WI, US


UWM Student Union

This project was for a comprehensive studio, during which we also created a construction document set for the project we designed. It was a learning process in what it takes to create a CD set and also in detailing a project for construction. 

UW-Milwaukee wants to expand, but does not sees the current location full with no potential for more building. For this studio we were to analyze the campus area and find unused spaces which could be filled with some of the program requirements the university wants as it grows and expands to attract more research projects and students. My proposal for a new union focuses on adding space for more research labs, as well as spaces for students on the western side of campus, which currently there is none aside from the main union in the middle of campus. Also I added features which the general public and neighborhood could use and benefit from to try and accommodate their needs as well. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Milwaukee, WI, US