Terry Driggs, Jr.

Terry Driggs, Jr.

Lancaster, PA, US


Update House

     The Update House will operate more similar to automobiles, software, and bicycles than the traditional house in the sense of easy replaceable and recyclable parts.  Technology has been increasing in efficiency exponentially, while housing has continued in a straight line.  Housing should be able to match technology’s pace.  Being able to update a house and knowing when to update a house are crucial elements.  Simple sensors, like arduino boards, placed strategically on a house’s envelope could automatically notify the user when to change certain features of the house, i.e. aperture sizes.  Simple sensors could also notify the user when an element of the house becomes worn out or unusable.  Data feedback will allow the manufacturer to pinpoint weaknesses and then make improvements.  The update house should also serve as an experiment in user agenda.  Being able to observe user input and output would inform what elements of the house should be more initially controlled to maximize its effectiveness.  Endless features and super high quality are sacrificed for efficiency and ease of use, i.e. an mp3 compared with a record or the update house compared with the solar decathlon house.  The update house should be everywhere: low income, high income, cities, farms, and new neighborhoods.  The update house is not a one off or a trailer.  It isn’t green.  It’s a new way of living.

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Status: School Project
Location: Anywhere