Terry Driggs, Jr.

Terry Driggs, Jr.

Lancaster, PA, US


CUTSBCN Transportation Center

     To create a transport center that will provide all of the energy necessary to run itself and charge any means of transportation connected to it.  If the building is suppose to represent the cars of the future then it should also represent the way of living for the tomorrow: clean and independent.   Through the studies of Barcelona and its circulation, congestion between vehicles, mopeds, and pedestrians was clearly noticed.  This new transportation center building would not only provide its own energy (+ excess), but it would also provide a new infrastructure for the moped and pedestrian circulation with slightly sloped ramps. 
     The skin would be constructed of ETFE, a lightweight durable plastic that can be transparent or printed on for shading or advertising.  ETFE can also be used similar to solar panels to produce energy.  The structure would be made entirely of carbon fiber, a lightweight but extremely strong material that will also signify the architectural steps towards tomorrow’s building.  The form was inspired by the cities excitement about a new and self sustaining transportation center.  The building was designed to represent purity, the birth of a new life in Barcelona, a clean and lightweight structure that almost glows, becoming city icon.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Barcelona, Spain