Terry Driggs, Jr.

Terry Driggs, Jr.

Lancaster, PA, US


Sustainable Highrise

     Stuttgart, Germany is currently experiencing controversy over the new train station and proposed masterplan “Stuttgart 21”.  The people of the city are upset with the lack of attention to its position within the city and the lack of respect to hazardous concerns below the city’s surface.  The people of Stuttgart want a say in the future of their city; they expect it to be sustainable and lively.  In “Stuttgart 21” the design is primarily office buildings with no attention to the ground level, creating dead useless sidewalks.  Our masterplan minimizes the roads by tieing together the major roads only.  The pedestrian is what is important.  The intersection of the pedestrian and bike only pathways is what is unique about our masterplan.  The intersection creates more plazas, smaller footprints for buildings, and much more street level shopping.  Some of these intersections create “park nodes” where special experiences for public use and sustainable stratigies can be displayed.  Our building proposal is based off of one site within our masterplan.  The building carries many of the same concepts, from street level experiences to the benefits of a community or neighborhood.  Sustainability was a major factor in the design process by taking all individual units into account and how they will either accept sunlight or shade a unit below.  The major factors in sustainable design for the project was natural ventilation, materials, daylighting, shading, and weather patterns.

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Status: School Project
Location: Stuttgart, Germany