Noel Ocasio Corp.

Noel Ocasio Corp.

San Juan, PR, US


Monroe College_Bronx, NY, US

Admissions Office.

Responsibilities: Prepared a series of construction documents for the office’s renovation with Auto Cad Drawings, Demolition Plan, Demolition RCP, Construction Plan, Construction RCP, Electric Plan, Finish Plan Schedule, Elevations, Concrete Details, and Detailed Sections. Designed Presentation formats for the client’s approval such as rendered drawings with its conceptual proposal. Created all design images and proposals. Created and provided a 3D model with its design.  Contributed design strategies and concepts for the office display of accomplishments that composed a series of light boxes that functioned as storage space, as well as an image figure. Produced construction drawings of all furniture for fabrication. Site visit for As Built Construction details to be studied and taken into consideration for renovations. Researched and selected detailed appliances such as hardware and door systems. 

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Status: Built
Location: Bronx, NY, US