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Noel Ocasio Corp.

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Eco-Warehouse_Seville, Spain

The Eco-Warehouse is located in Seville, Spain. Climatic considerations influenced the design addressing hot summer months that welcomed open outdoor connections during the spring and autumn. The site as situated among the existent pavilions was to be taken in consideration. Concrete is used as the primary material for structure and enclosure, using its formal expression of concrete as a plastic material for a fluid special condition. Nature is captured in pockets within the warehouse, allowing for certain micro-climatic shifts and environmental mediation of the interior solar gain and humidification. Concrete is used expressively; at the ground plane it emerges from the landscape, becoming a manipulated mass that visitors occupy and navigate upon. As the enclosure rises, it expresses an architecture of concrete that is more Gothic, lighter, as a tracery of elements, allowing light and sky to penetrate deep into the lower levels of the building. The building exhibits a sustainable agenda of its material, which is adapted to the local climate and demonstrated that the architecture can express the environmental goals of the program without sacrificing a progressive design agenda for its site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Seville, Spain