zhao yin

zhao yin

Los Angeles, CA, US


Exposition park revitalize

Los Angeles has existing six mountains around, most of which are on the north side.  We could find pieces of green filed nearby neighborhood but no complex. The idea is to create a collection of museum, entertainment, hotel, park, and office within one complex green mountain. The mountain absorbs green field nearby and programs as many as possible. This is ionic creature, the seventh mountain in Los Angles, which covers the whole Exposition Park. The existing programs would be raised to higher levels. We reserve existing sport arena and other sports filed where they are, and add cinema on the first floor. The outdoors programs, such as playground, park, and swimming pool would be located at the middle of this mountain. Besides that, the upper levels would also be the grandstands for the game. Higher levels are hotel, parks and restaurants.  This would be a live outdoor green mountain with diverse programs inside. The only problem is who would support this monster? Our proposal also considers this issue. This is a free self-sufficient mountain. The outdoor programs are free for public, which would attract as many people as possible. The inside space are used not only for playground, but also library, restaurant, retail hotel, office and parking. Benefits obtain from interior space would support all the operation expense as well as outdoor playgrounds.


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Status: School Project