zhao yin

zhao yin

Los Angeles, CA, US


Customized minimum living space

It is a computer system. Clients input their personal information and preference, requirements for this space, in other words, what they would like to do in this space. Computer would generate a shape to guide you what actually space you need right now, and how it looks like. It is minimum space for living but would satisfy all clients’ need for action. This computer system helps people to reduce space where they never use.
I use a Miss W as my model and create a living space for her. First step, I asked her to do 39 questions before this experiment and choose what actions she wanted to use to create her living space. And then use my camera to record her actions. I don’t want she acts before camera but do what she usually does at home. The next move is I found a digital robot, made it as same height as she does, to simulate her actions in the computer. By snapping animation record, I got a shape of her actions, bathing, brushing, cooking, eating and drinking, making up, washing face, sleeping, sit¬ting and using washroom. These actions are all what she required before. The last step is to combine them together.

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Status: School Project