Michael Wong

Michael Wong

Brooklyn, NY, US


Athletic Marina & Boathouse

The Dobbs Ferry site originally hosted a ferry terminal junction. This establishment serviced the community of Dobbs Ferry with shuttles across the Hudson river to and from various locations in New Jersey and New York City. This site along the northern Hudson river front contains a key inlet that shelters users from the shifting current of the river and provides excellent views of the adjacent shores.The proposal of constructing an athletic marina and boat house comes from a personal vision.
The site’s location along the Hudson river allows for an elite crew club to utilize water body and land resources as a practice arena and compound. The program requirements for a world class racing club called for a full facility gym, equipment storage, boat launch, clubhouse, and vehicular transportation. Along with the proposed marina athletics center and boathouse, the inlet beach front requires clean up and revitalization.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, New York