Jonathan Barrios

Jonathan Barrios

Brooklyn, NY, US


Boston Re-Use Project 2010

As the group project during our CAP Stone semester, we were given a 400,000 sqft pier in South Boston, MA and tasked with converting it into a multi-functional recreational facility. The catch was that it's structure had to center around a sustainable design concept that seamlessly worked itself through the whole project. 

Our main design ideas were to take advantage of the water dominated location and the use of columns that acted both structurally and as water collection points throughout the structure. To do this much of the pier was destroyed and meant for reuse in other parts of the site, next deciding on a range of scales and sizes of columns to support ground floor and second floor loads as well as act as guide posts for some of the smaller major recreational islands. Not only did they provide structure, water collection, and act as guide posts but they also at times could be used as show cases, landscape sculptures, and vegetation spots as they opened up to the cafe and shaded areas. 

The recreational and leisure programs were splayed out according to it's watery needs. The restaurant, bar, cafe, and shopping areas were kept mostly to the land side as part of the main structure. The catamaran parking and launch area were joined with a ferry terminal off to the right arm of the structure. The main arm stretching out from the shopping center progressively housed canoeing, kayaks, and rowing-scull outposts, some fitted with small shop areas and all connected via a continuous bike/walk ramp that allowed cyclists to test out and join with the pre-existing bicycle network of Boston. 

As one part of the group, I was tasked with detailing joints, sections, and elevations, design and concept responsibilities, island design and precedent studies, and assisted in rendering. 

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Status: School Project
Location: South Boston, MA, US