Jonathan Barrios

Jonathan Barrios

Brooklyn, NY, US



In 2011 I received my Masters in Architecture Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Since then I have gotten onto a number of architectural and non-architectural jobs in my pursuit of an engaging and rewarding career in the broader design field. Innovative and sustainable materials, as well as sustainable technologies and their integration into the architectural dialogue and built landscape, are of particular interest especially when they touch on multiple fields within architectural design.


My short term goal is to become LEED certified with becoming licensed at a future time. In my spare time I am a creative writer, wine enthusiast and fine artist. 


Graduated from SVA 2007 with a Fine Arts degree and in 2008 began my Graduate degree in Architectural Design at Pratt Institute.

AutoCAD 2010, 3Ds max 2012, Googe Earth, Power Point, Adobe Illustrator, some Rhinoceros 4.0, Ecotect 2010, Pepakura, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Gallery experience.


Americon Construction Inc., New York, NY, US, Assistant Project Manager

Assisted the Project Manager and other team members in creating proposals, purchase and work orders, tracking submittals & keeping logs, and maintaining connection between the architect and sub-contractors for project cohesion; a variety of other essential paperwork to initiate and set up jobs, visiting job sites to oversee site work with construction trades and contacting high profile clients and subcontractors to ensure logistical consistency.

Oct 2012 - current

The Organic Gardener & LifeCare Design Inc, Brooklyn, NY, US & Hartford, CT, Draftsman and 3D Renderer

Quickly articulated a wide range of design drawings and ideas into material diagrams, sections, plans and elevations with periodic developments of 3D renders when needed.

Jul 2011 - current

Olivino Wines, Wine Store Associate

Broad knowledge of wine helps assist customers with finding wines that fit their taste buds and wines that broaden their palates when feeling adventurous. New World wines, blends, little known varietals, dessert wines, sweet wines, and full bodied reds as well as everyday favorites are always in stock. POS system, cleaning, and customer service are top priorities.

Feb 2008 - May 2012

Milgo Bufkin Industries Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US, Draftsman

Produced working drawings from customer sketches of a variety of basic shapes, signage, and complex forms; also providing unfolded flat layouts and instructions for assembly.

Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

Guernsey's Auction House, New York City, NY, US, Auctioneer's Assistant

Assisted the Auction Coordinator to prepare auction lots and descriptions, construct preview packages, and other administrative duties using Microsoft Office and Photoshop

Sep 2011 - Sep 2011, Comic Art Reviewer

Contributing comic book art reviews by combining comic knowledge and fine arts techniques, styles, references and aesthetics to inform comic readers, non-readers, and artists alike.

Feb 2011 - Sep 2011

ArtForum, Intern

Assisted in putting together dummy magazines, scanning, printing, and copying images; database entry, mailing, and other odd jobs that have to do with magazine production

Sep 2007 - Dec 2007

Remy Toledo Gallery, Intern

Assisted in mailings, installation and art exhibit set ups, opening receptions, database entry, and other odd jobs assisting in other odd jobs.

Mar 2006 - Jun 2006


Pratt Institute, Masters, Architecture

Pratt Institute provided a dynamic teaching and learning environment that allowed students to explore interests and outlets inside and outside of studio. Personal coursework included Sovereignty and Property, Philosophy of Materials, Restoration and Renovation, Parks and Open Spaces, and more. A wide range of programs were utilized: Rhino, Adobe Suite, 3D Max, Maya, AutoCAD, and many more. Students were generally allowed to pick and choose which programs suited them best. The Institute provided a wide range of talks, job fairs, and late night eats for those long nights.

Aug 2008 - May 2011

School of Visual Arts (SVA), Bachelors, Fine Arts

SVA is a school of discovery and exploration backed up by it's wide array of programs and facilities, and diverse teacher and alumni base. All students are given a general base study in every department before choosing which they wanted to go towards next. As a Fine Arts student I was often in the studio experimenting with paints, found objects, and materials which led me into thinking about the world of design and material in the buildings around me.

Aug 2003 - May 2007


'Close the Gap' East River Competition Runner Up, Honorable Mention

The aim of our approach was to reclaim unused barges and other shipping containers creating a multi-use connection between East 37th Street and East 68th Street. In doing this we were able to create a variable terrain that would provide athletes of all stripes (i.e. runners, walkers, and cyclists) paths as well as leisure areas, water installations, amphitheaters, optimal viewing points, docking points for kayaks and boats, and the reintroduction of riverside ecology with salt marshes and grass patches. One of the main attractions connecting city-side residents to the water are numerous 'Lighthouses' that would signify seamless access, act as gathering points, and could have commercial potential. The other main attraction the 'Glow Worm' running along the noisy FDR Drive. It would be outfitted with a sound barrier created by the river's own water and include sound sensitive installations that would transmitting the sound into light along the walk.

The Bargewalk celebrates the coastline of the East River and it's maritime past and present, holding an array of possible benefits for a city in need of continuous reinvention.


Areas of Specialization