Jonathan Barrios

Jonathan Barrios

Brooklyn, NY, US


Atlantic Yards Housing Project 2011

The main task was to create a modularized system of building and assembly of housing around the soon-to-be-built Atlantic Yards Stadium in Brooklyn, NY. We had to think about this in terms of 'a city within a city,' and in doing so incorporate the main programming of a Food Co-Op, Offices, Day Care, Health Office, School, and Retail Spaces on a very small footprint. Although a group project, I was given diagramming, plans and sections, and design conception responsibilities. 

The modular housing concept was to create three types of apartments that could be pieced together on a floor plate that was previously constructed around the base of the core, and then lifted up into place by high tension cables and guide system. In the end each floor had between 5-6 apartments with varying degrees of designated green space. 

Since the project was one of the few to heavily incorporate the Food Co-Op and it's social and economic meanings, much of the roof space are meant for farming and the green spaces had varying uses according to it's position on the tower. From top-to-bottom, the programming of the green spaces ranged from completely enclosed green houses to trellised spaces to community garden to extra Food Co-Op harvesting areas. Indoors some amount of hydroponics was meant to be utilized. In the end the project added about 6.7 acres to the city, which is about the same size as the Manhattan Highline.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US