Helen Chen

Helen Chen

Nashville, TN, US


Master's Thesis - Beijing Quadrangle & Hutong

Research facility: Tsinghua University, School of Architecture, collaboration research between Dept. of Arch. History & Green Architecture.


Current and past researches on Beijing's Traditional courtyard home (siheyuan) and lane (hutong) have long compiled historic, cultural and architectural documentation and study. Yet, not enough focus on Beijing's vernacular dwellings' environmental responses as well as modern value has been emphasized in context of sustainable development.  Although researches pertaining to history, fengshui or preservation efforts are plenty, research of the folk dwellings in relevance to integration to modern society and ecological systematic responses are still not deeply researched. This study shows Beijing siheyuan and hutong's relationship to contemporary Chinese urbanization.


Beijing Quadrangle   Beijing hutong   Ecological Environment of Vernacular Home   Spatial Comfort 

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Status: School Project
Location: Beijing, CN