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MAD_era plazas

The neighborhood of "As Pedreiras" does not cater to gathering spaces where people can spend their leisure time.  The neighborhood is full of many run down houses, so I decided to create various nodes within the urban fabric to establish a network between the citizens and the city and the city and the potential users. Mad_era is a prefabricated structure of pine wood. This consists of vertical posts (10x10 cm) and horizontal studs (10x15 cm). Easy to integrate into the urban context, thanks to the characteristics of the wood, a natural , economic and organic material.

MAD_era INTEGRATION IN RUINS Mad_era 5x5x5 cube-shaped area of 25 square meters. Several modules may be combined to create a square. The target of this project is varied and ergonomic.  MAD_era is DESIGNED for the elderly, children, adolescents and adults - a meeting point for events such as concerts, art exhibitions, and simple play area.

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Status: School Project
Location: Marin, Pontevedra Spain (2010)